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Overseas student health cover

Insure against illness and accidents while you study in Australia

Health insurance is compulsory for most international students who are studying in Australia.

It is a condition of your student visa that you maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your studies. This cover needs to be arranged about the same time you accept your offer to study.

There are a few students who may be exempt – see exemptions below.

Your health cover provides access to the University Health Service and public hospitals in Australia (waiting periods apply for some health treatments). Higher-level cover, which can give you access to private hospitals, for example, is your responsibility.

You can purchase your health cover through the University of Sydney or from one of the following Australian Government-approved providers:



We can arrange OSHC for the duration of your Australian visa under the University of Sydney's Essentials coverage (pdf). If you finish your studies early and your visa is no longer valid, you can obtain a refund for any unused portion of your OSHC.

The University will then schedule your first payment to its preferred provider Allianz OSHC, and will advise the Australian Department of Home Affairs on your behalf.

Please note that you will be personally responsible for all future renewal payments to Allianz OSHC.

Please note, a surcharge of 1.53% will apply for payments made by Visa or MasterCard. The surcharge is subject to review and may change. Find out more about alternative payment methods offered by the University.


If you insure through the University then you consent to us disclosing your relevant personal details (for example, your family name, given name, sex, date of birth, start date and campus code) to Allianz OSHC so your cover can be registered.


Once you have arrived in Sydney, you will need to collect your OSHC membership card. To order one, visit the Allianz OHSC website click on the ‘Students’ toolbar, log in, then select ‘Order a membership card’.

If you require medical assistance before your membership card is issued, you will need to pay the doctor first then claim a refund from your healthcare fund.


Allianz OSHC have a representative on campus who can help you obtain your membership card and assist with claims and other queries. Visit our student desks:

Level 4, Wentworth Building (G01)
Darlington Campus
Opening hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Option 2: Buy OSHC independently 青铜峡隆利永有限公司

If you already have valid OSHC or if you wish to buy it independently from an approved provider, please complete the appropriate section on your Acceptance of Offer and do not include the OSHC amount in your first fee payment to the University of Sydney.

If you choose to purchase OSHC independently you need to provide evidence of your OSHC membership when you submit your Australian student visa application.


The cost of your cover will depend on your circumstances and the duration of your stay. 


Membership of a health insurance scheme in your home country does not exempt you from paying OSHC. There are special inter-governmental arrangements that cover you whilst you study in Australia. For information on such arrangements, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have appropriate health cover arrangements in place for the duration of your studies. If you require OSHC, check the two options above to arrange OSHC through the University or independently.

Students holding Australian Government scholarships (such as Australia Awards) have their health insurance cover paid directly to Allianz Global Assistance.

Study abroad or exchange students

Study abroad or exchange students arriving in Sydney on non-student visas (such as the 417 Working Holiday Visa), are not eligible for Overseas Student Health Cover.

However, we still strongly recommend you purchase comprehensive insurance before you depart for Australia. Our preferred insurance provider, Allianz Global Assistance, offers overseas visitors health cover for students not eligible for OSHC.


We arrange OSHC for the duration of your Australian visa. If you finish your studies early and your visa is no longer valid, you can obtain a refund for any unused portion of your OSHC.

More information about University of Sydney’s Essentials coverage can be found in the Allianz's information sheet (pdf) or refer to the Department of Health or Allianz Global Assistance.

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